Anyone and everyone

Daily consumption of PROPOELIX® can dramatically boost overall immunity. Anyone and everyone can consume PROPOELIX® – it is especially recommended for individuals with a poor immune system (whether due to stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, or various illnesses). PROPOELIX® has no known side effects.

Dengue Fever

PROPOELIX® is also a clinically-proven effective support therapy for Dengue Fever as shown in a recent clinical study done on Dengue Fever patients at Gatot Soebroto Central Army Hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was found that PROPOELIX® shortened the average length of a Dengue Fever patient’s hospital stay by 25%. Patients using PROPOELIX® also experienced a significant increase in platelet count and a rapid decrease in body temperature. They experienced no unwanted side effects or clinical deterioration. Detailed results of the clinical study were published in the international peer reviewed medical journal Dove Medical Press (L, Soroy, Bagus S, Yongkie IP, and Djoko W. “The Effect of a Unique Propolis Compound (PropoelixTM) on Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.” Dove Medical Press Vol 7, no. Dec 2014 (2014): 323—329.).


Case studies conducted on 52 HIV/Aids patients who were on anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs (which cause serious damage to the immune system) showed a significant 87% increase in their CD4 marker counts. A CD4 count is a lab test that measures the number of CD4 cells in a blood sample. It is an important indicator of how well a patient’s immune system is working.


PROPOELIX® can benefit patients with solid-organ tumours and is able to mitigate some of the toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents.